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Size of plot
Area Of Plot 0
Construction Cost 0
Construction Rate
Rate per sq. ft 1200

Building Construction Cost

Sr. No. Material Percentage % Amount
1 Cement 0
2 Steel 0
3 Sand 0
4 Gravel 0
5 Finishing 0 0
6 Fitting 0 0
Material Cost 0 0
Labour Cost 0 0
Engineers/architect 0 0
Total Construction Cost 0

Building Construction Materials

Sr. No. Material Quantity Rate Amount
1 Cement (Bags) 350 0
2 Steel (Kg) 62 0
3 Sand (Cu.ft.) 23 0
4 Gravel (Cu. ft.) 25 0
5 Bricks (Nos.) 7 0
6 Tiles (Sq. ft.) 150 0
7 Colour (Liters) 250 0
Grand Total 0