Commercial Office Design Trend 2021

by | Sep 25, 2021

It’s safe to say COVID-19 has changed office space β€” definitely for the predictable future, & maybe forever. Though most people are still working from the house, others have come back to the office, even if only a few alternative days a week, & many spaces look totally different.

Modern trends in office design centered on safety & comfort & other components such as sustainability, texture, and color that will carry on into 2021 & ahead.

So if you’re thinking about what 2021 has in reserve for commercial design, you’re not only. Will it be changed? In some ways, yes. But the great news is, we’ve reached a long way. As we learn deeper about how the virus spreads (and get that much closer to a vaccine), companies of all kinds can better adapt & transform into a safe environment for clients and employees. Keep reading, and we’ll cover some of the trends we see for the upcoming years.

1. Green, Biophilic office design

We feel these two trends predicted for 2020 will come into play even more so in 2021 and 2022, using more plants inside office spaces & sustainable designs. First, bringing the outdoors inside is more essential now than ever. With so much inconsistency surrounding employees, it is necessary to keep morale up. Many studies have revealed that nature can significantly impact an individual’s mood, so giving workers lots of greenery in their office will boost their confidence and productivity. Also allow for a fresher atmosphere with more oxygen passing through the space. Second, the shift toward more sustainable office design was already in trend during 2020; recent events have only highlighted the value of environmentally friendly design. People are more vigilant than ever about their impact on the environment, & pressure is an uprising on businesses to have a more environmentally-friendly atmosphere, including within their office interior design options. With this in mind, we believe that greener office design, including more sustainable materials and incorporating elements that encourage sustainability within the workplace, will be a massive trend in 2021.

2. Relax Atmosphere and breakout space

For employees who got used to working from home, returning to working within the office can be somewhat daunting. To allow for a softer transition back to the office, we think a modern office design trend will get explicitly spaced for relaxation, and other forms of breakout spaces throughout the office, particularly once the restrictions introduced in 2020 are a situation of the past. Adding fun chairs such as beanbags and suspended chairs creates a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help with transitioning back to days within the office. Since the prior year has been riddled with uncertainty, causing many to feel overwhelmed and stressed, providing spaces for people to rest or have fun. Many struggles with work/life stability and offering breakout spaces enable them to have some much-needed downtime.

3. Frameless Glass

As commercial design trends convey the outdoors, commercial & architectural builders need to get creative to make sure that the space stays flexible & convenient as the seasons change. Placing frameless glass systems is an excellent way to do this, as you can design multifunctional areas that improve your square footage on fair-weather days but can be instantly closed if needed.

For example, with Cover Glass systems, you will benefit from a glass product & a performance-tested system toward the components of Mother Nature, sound, and solid objects. In addition, once the system is ended, nothing can be tangible or intangible or can be perceived. So whether you choose a beautiful sliding glass door system or a counter-height glass window system, you’ll have peace of mind confirming that your system is fully weatherproof & designed for top-of-the-line safety & security.

4. Lighter Color

Another office interior design trend for 2021 is using brighter colors with a mix of greens, neutrals, & grays. In addition, softwood looks mixed with pops of color on flooring & walls are prevalent in an office atmosphere that can help employees feel more pleasant.

Color supports companies stay on brand, and many find ways to include their brand colors or logo into the design of their space β€” including colored pillows, furnishings, or even flooring. With LVT, you can also cut into the lobby flooring to prominently showcase your brand logo. Companies are also using color in the COVID-19 safety sign.

Aside from the company brand, color in floors can add energy to a workspace. In addition, using engineered hardwood and LVT together is one way to define other areas aesthetically.

5. Flexible working space

Over the years, several companies have covered the open-concept office design, & now adjustable workspaces and “pod-style” layouts are more valuable than ever.

When employees are in the office, they often seek private spots or enclaves to work safely. These open-office environments also include smaller, remote areas and “pod areas” with adequate workspace, seating, and outlet access so employees can do phone calls, participate in video conferences or work on research safely. The versatility of engineered hardwood or LVT makes for proper flooring choices in these pod-area layouts.

These spaces must also comfortably accommodate employees who may be in the office for just some days during work from Home for the rest of the week.

6. A sense of Home at work

Many people are still currently managing their work from the Home, the plan of the design & aesthetic of the office has changed. However, for those employees in the office, the goal is to provide comfort and safety at every level and make employees feel comfortable as if they were at home.

To foster a safe, relaxed sense of “home” in the office, designers can include residential elements such as comfortable chairs and sofas, soft lighting features in shared spaces, or artwork showcased throughout the office. Wood flooring can convey a sense of warmth to an area. Engineered hardwood and wood-look LVT get frequently used to create a home-like atmosphere in the office.

7. Texture

Current trends in office design present an increase in pairing varying textures collectively, even in furnishings like wood, iron, or stone. Combining abstract elements and textures that can easily swap in and out creates a unique space and gives you diverse design options.

Fun, unique, and eye-catching textiles, fixtures, or flooring can bring a space to life and brighten up the sometimes-dull office environment. Engineered hardwood & LVT flooring come in a broad array of species that adjust to changing textures and design trends.

8. Open space and Natural lighting

In addition to adjusting the workspace to accommodate flexible working and uniting in breakout spaces, we’re predicting that wide-open spaces will be a massive commercial office design trend in 2021. With many crammed within their own houses in new months, limited to how much time they can spend outdoors & usually with little workspace around them, it will soon grow vital that the office space should give the opposite with wide-open spaces, high ceilings, and, as previously mentioned, breakout spaces. Alongside this, we see floor-to-ceiling windows being a massive trend in office design in 2021. Large windows enable as much natural light to flow through the office space as potential. Natural light is an excellent way to boost the productivity & morale of your employees. However, fluorescent lighting usually has detrimental effects on an employee’s ability to work; harsh lighting can cause glare on screens and eye strain. Counter these glass wall partitions will determine popularity to enable natural light to flow throughout the office.


These are some of the trends that will shape your commercial office from average to a beautiful place. If you can use their trends in your office, we can assure you that you will feel much happier in the office than anywhere else.

If any of the above has inspired you, why not contact a friendly team member today to see how we can modify your office space, ready for whatever 2021 may cause. Our office interior design experts always hear your needs & then create bespoke office design solutions tailored to your exacting requirements. So get in touch to start your next project.

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