7 Awesome Home Kitchen Remodeling Trend

by | Nov 29, 2021

‘The door to the heart is through the stomach.’

If that is true, then it is crucial to keep the stomach happy. And to do that, we need a nice kitchen where we can whip up delicious meals to amaze and satisfy our stomachs.

The kitchen is undoubtedly the essential room in your house. It is the place that sustains your body and prepares you for the distress of the day. Therefore, it is only appropriate to regard this room with honour.

As homeowners, you may have seen that the kitchen draws you in immediately when you check out a real estate property. The floor plan, the functionality, even the colour of the wood cabinets and walls all affect your decision. This space signifies Love and warmth, and if it is well-planned, it immediately makes you feel at home. Because this room evokes you of having meals for the family, your mother cooked your meals when you worked or studied till late, or where you talked and laughed to your friends about the new adventures of your life.

No matter what though it triggers, the kitchen moulds a piece of real estate into a house.

That’s why we gathered some ideas that you can execute when designing your new kitchen or remodelling it. Even if you plan to change the floor plan for the entire kitchen or add some stainless steel appliances to its functionality, a kitchen makeover is a significant investment.

1. Reposition the Kitchen when Remodelling

When dealing with a present home, it is tempting to only imagine in terms of the current layout, but rethinking the place your kitchen stays in can be transformative.

Does the front of your home get the morning light when occupied family members fill the room, or will the back give the ultimate link from the kitchen into garden spaces?

When this run-down cottage was remodelled and extended by Aman Pratap (founder of AdiShree Interiors), he chose to reposition the kitchen from the dark back of the house to the vista-facing front.

2. Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can make a significant difference in your kitchen.

Yes, the countertops and slabs are beneficial, but a kitchen island can aid you to open up space more while still creating an illusion of finished functionality.

We suggest that you open up the walls to your kitchen and replace the floor plan. Then, maybe your kitchen can overlook the dining area or living room so you can cook for your loved and friends ones while still being a member of their communication.

With a kitchen island, you can build more space for seating or laying down cooked things. You can even substitute it into a workstation with open shelves on the sides to keep your chopping board, cheese grater, butcher block, and other smaller objects that you need for preparation before you start cooking the meal.

3. Add a Great Lighting Scheme

This kitchen has every aspect of a good lighting design covered, from natural light infiltration and an ambient glow provided by the LED strips under the cupboards to plenty of downlights and statement pendants.

After tapping down the walls between the kitchen and old scullery – although the chimney breast remains to zone the spaces – added a contemporary flat rooflight.

4. Install advanced stainless steel appliances

Most devices these days implement stainless steel for durability, tensile strength and hygiene.

Commonly used wood-burners, iron, steel grates, and other materials used in the past were usable but unreliable.

Stainless steel appliances are sleek and hardy. Not only do they endure extreme heat and cold temperatures, but they are also easier to clean. But, unfortunately, you may not always have the time to scrub those burners and spilt food, especially if they evaporate from the heat.

But with stainless steel tools, a quick wipe is sufficient to remove the stains and residue, leaving your kitchen pure. Not to consider, they add a modern touch to your kitchen design, besides the high-end functionality.

5. Implement statement décor

The kitchen is such an essential part of your home. It deserves furnishings worthy of its courage.

Implementing artwork and ostentatious decorative pieces in this particular space may seem irrelevant, but you can yet liven it up with lightings and fixtures for the added outcome.

You can form a statement with fascinating tall bar tools around the kitchen island and turn the place into a mini-bar with a shaker and great jars of mixed ingredients.

You can also apply pendant lights for date night, mood lighting or some neon lights for party time.

These décor pieces are short and almost negligent, except they are in use. Also, they are pretty much conquered, so they don’t get in the way while you walk around your kitchen in a rush. But they do attach an aesthetic appeal, so your kitchen seems beautiful and keeps on par with the ease of your home décor.

6. Picking New Cabinet Doors

Renovating and revitalizing a kitchen can be a clever affair: not only do you have to determine what you must change, but you must also decide where to spend your money safest. And dollar for dollar, the latest cabinet doors are one of the most reliable investments. The goals are simple: every day, your cabinet doors are opened several times, and over a period, they suffer tears and wear. Even if the doors may not ‘look’ ancient, the hinges, for instance, tend to get loose.

It would be best if you prefer new cabinet doors. If you need to keep your costs low, you can constantly consider buying ready-to-use doors available in various colours, materials, and textures. Of course, for ease of usage and cheap maintenance, you can always count on plywood/MDF. Still, if you can manage to spend a little more, proper wood-like dark cherry wood cabinets would be attractive. If you feel eclectic and eccentric at the same time (well done, you!), you can even admit to getting relieved of cabinet doors entirely and instead opt for an open shelve design. That decision, however, will challenge you to get new cabinets that are more suited to open-frame designs.

7. Focus on New Flooring

Relaying the kitchen floor is both a money and time-consuming process, but some things give new life to kitchen remodelling, like a new floor.

When it occurs to flooring concepts, hardwood is the usual well-known material and standard. Within hardwood, however, there are a group of differences and variations. The most common kind of hardwood flooring came in thick plankings of solid timber. Solid hardwood is milled of a single piece of wood and therefore is an entirely natural material. In addition, it is more capable of handling humidity and temperature changes.

Various companies also allow engineered flooring –planks with a light layer of hardwood on the roof, bonded with other layers. Engineered flooring is created to prevent the floor from shifting during contraction and expansion cycles.

Oak and walnut are two of the most common hardwood choices and for a good reason. Oak is durable and stains well while giving an appealing natural grain and is reasonably priced. Hickory, maple, ash, and cherry are also good choices, so take your time and decide accordingly. If you prefer a light-coloured hardwood floor, ash is a perfect option, while people who demand a lot of foot traffic should admit hickory as an option.


Kitchen renovation is an opportunity to instil new memories and design a personalized space for your family. It is the only place in the house where your loved ones and friends can come together to share stories and laugh while enjoying a meal you make for them with care and Love.

You can add a tiny table and devise a breakfast nook for your family to meet and start your day with them. You can utilize an open-planned kitchen as a connection to catch up with your children while they complete their homework or play in the living room.

We hope this blog helps you create fantabulous design plans for your kitchen remodel, and you admire your new kitchen more than the old, dull one. Or you can directly contact us (AdiShree Construction) for your next kitchen renovation project. Then, we can remodel your kitchen and turn your kitchen into a new trend.


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