Top 7 Best Interior Design Tool For 2022

by | Dec 29, 2021

Surveys show that 82% of buyer’s agents say that house staging helps customers visualize the property as their future house. And, once staged, places tend to spend less period on the market. To accomplish these goals, interior designers and home staging experts use interior design software to help build visual room layouts complete with fixtures and furniture and present a realistic view of any area.

We realize it can be daunting to select the best interior design software to help you accomplish your design goals. However, it is always easier to list your choices and witness what features fit your needs best.

That’s why we chose to help you with your interior design company and become the interior designer you ever wanted to be. We have built a list of the seven best Interior design software to determine what fits your design ideas. You can select your design software as per your room planning, preferences for a 3D or 2D image, floor planner, and many better design tools that will enable you to create the ultimate home design for your own house or esteemed clients. Let’s take a glance at them:


Floorplanner delivers one free and two paid plans.

Floorplanner was formed in 2007 by a group of civil engineers and architects who wanted to create a lighter, more straightforward, and more accessible 3D model software.4 Theirs was the foremost browser-based 3D or 2D planning tool and presently boasts above 25 million users worldwide. We selected it as the best-priced program because it presents two lower monthly subscription plans with all the characteristics needed in interior software.

Floorplanner software users can import a current drawing or begin from scratch using the software’s easy drag-and-drop interface. In extra to offer an extensive library of 3D objects and furniture that can drop into any design, the software likewise features a Magic Layout choice that decorates a whole room with simply one click. Another button quickly transforms a 2D floor plan into a 3D model, with adjustable camera lighting and angles. Users can also ship a photorealistic shot of any space and create interactive 3D floor flythroughs for customers.

Planner 5D

[freemium: free, but pay for premium features]

Now, this software is quite a beauty. This is the finest interior design software if you are an avid designer or adore beautiful home designs. It can create floor plans, get a 3D rendering of the designs, and the various design tools at our disposal.

The design software is complimentary to use for simple interior designs and virtual floorplans, but it’ll cost you to make photorealistic 3D rendering. The first 20 are available for just $9.99, but the better renders you need, the costlier it gets. You can opt for this interior design software for free for simplistic design options. For more advanced characteristics, however, you can subscribe to the plans.

Sketch up

Another famous Interior software is Sketchup. Well, the phrase is fun to say. The Sketchup 3D design software is handy and professional. First, the interface is relatively straightforward to get utilized and is cleaner than some complicated software. Professionals pick to use Sketchup for a robust 3D modeling understanding.

You can make a home design and use 3D visualization to get an exact idea of space planning. A free version is available, but you have to get a subscription to use all the professional functionalities.

This software may be challenging for beginners, homeowners and real estate investors with zero experience in 3D modeling. Professional interior designers may find it helpful, though. They can complete various design ideas within Sketchup. However, you might require to use a separate plugin or tool like Revit for bringing renders. Nevertheless, this design software has been quite the best for advanced professionals and learners.


As a designer, you have to be familiar with the resourcefulness of Houzz, mainly if you are in the residential market.

On Houzz, you are provided with the space to share your designs, your ideas, and a complete lot moreโ€“โ€“directly to an audience who is already in the know. It’s similar to Pinterest but focused solely on interiors and the like.

Houzz offers a free app to place objects straight into your room utilizing 3D software. This can be helpful when determining various methods to place furniture, especially when shopping for large pieces such as sofas or an armoire.

Home by me

HomeByMe is Cory’s favourite home design tool. As far as we can speak, it’s genuinely free through, and so are all its attributes. The way it functions is brands add their products to their catalogue, which implies you’ll be using actual products to decorate and furnish your home. The perks of this are that you’ll be capable of planning your design through to the very end and having access to the genuine decorations and furniture you used to make your area imaginatively.

Like with Planner 5D, you’re capable of switching from 2D to 3D after you’ve completed your floor plan and designed the feel and look of each room. Or, you can begin with the dรฉcor and shot ‘summary’, and the software will deliver a floor plan with all your appliances and furniture in the right places.

Smart Draw

For 2D rendering, this is an excellent little online design tool. You can create different floor plans and diagrams. It is perfect for developing visual projects on a 2D platform on your tablet, phone, or iPads as it is an online, high-quality house design software.

You can test the design tools for free for the first seven days, but if you want to continue using them, you must subscribe to the plans available. The design software features a method for individual users for only $9.99/ month. It also delivers a multi-user platform for a unit of 5 members for $5.95/ month. The methods for this interior design software are cheap. So if you are performing with a small group on 2D design options, this app is right for you.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

There’s a lot to like about Roomstyler. Like HomeByMe, it’s straightforward to use. In addition, it’s so intuitive that there’s nearly no requirement for the tutorial video’s available, which stands as another plus for this software. Of all the house design tools, this one has a tutorial video available for every question you might have about the device.

The most significant bonus about this software is that you can make a custom room in a matter of minutes. This app also enables you to furnish your space using products from authentic brands, meaning you’ll be decorating your plans with things you can purchase when you’re prepared for your design to materialize.


We expect you to find this list helpful in picking the best interior design software for your business or yourself. Now you can design it like a pro and amaze the world with your creations. Also, our best team of interior designers is here to help you out whenever you want and can make your home into the best decision you ever made.


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